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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Information
AVID Syllabus, Application, Discipline, College Scholarships
What does research say?
AVID Success Video
What is AVID?
8th Grade AVID Angel Scholarship Winners
AVID Online Application - 8th Graders ONLY
AVID Online Application - 7th Graders ONLY
Stacey Middle School Website Page on AVID
AVID Commercial 2018
Westminster High School AVID Information
AVID Syllabus Information to Review (There is no need to print these forms out)
Form #1: Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Letter to Parents
Form #2: Team-Building Days and Fieldtrip Requirements: Discipline and CCR Alerts
Form #3: T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Order Form
Form #4: Permission Slip to Attend and Participate in a AVID Movie Day Activity
Form #5: AVID Binder Requirements and Materials for Class
Form #6: AVID Calendar
Form #7a: AVID Service Hour Project Requirements
Form 7b: AVID Service Hour Project Time Sheet (Print out only if you need more)
Form #8 (Is supposed to be on back of Syllabus form- Print it out ONLY if lost): AVID Agreement and Year Contract
AVID Syllabus Form (given in class- print out only if lost):
What do you do in AVID?
AVID Field Trips & More