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Dance Club (Club Dance)
Club Dance
Permission Slip #1: to Join
Permission Slip #2: to Stay Everyday After School
Club Dance
Dance Performance Dates and Meeting Times
Fall Fest Dance Music. 2016. PRACTICE LADIES!!!!!!
Fall Fest Song -2016
Fall Fest Song - Stop Stop It
Fall Fest Song- Adore You
Fall Fest Song- Crazy Loco
Anime Day Dance - Drop Pop Candy
Choreography of Thriller with Music
Anime Day Dance
Tet- [Xuan Phat Tai 6] Que Huong Mua Xuan - Phi Nhung
Vietnamese Music and Dance
Tet- Xuân Đẹp Làm Sao - Như Quỳnh
Vietnamese Dance for Lunar New Year
Halloween- I'm in Love with a Monster
Club Dance
Jingle Bell Rock
Anime Dance. J-Pop (Japanese Pop)
Choreography of Thriller Broken Down
Cinco de Mayo - Line Dance -Payaso del Rodeo
Cinco de Mayo- Line Dance -Payaso del Rodeo
Cinco de Mayo - La Cucaracha
Cinco de Mayo - Bailando- Enrique Iglesias
Dark Fest Fall Dance
Cinco de Mayo - Mexican Hat Dance
Anime Day- StartDash